Conversation starters


Free The Change’s Conversation Starters help groups explore a range of common change-maker concerns. They are designed to fit into (rather than replace) the wider format of a Free The Change meet-up - but they can also be used independently, or as a way to guage if there might be appetite to start a series of meet-ups among your friends / community / colleagues etc.


We recommend allowing one hour for these topical conversations, perhaps during Part 3 of the Basic Meet-up Framework. Each conversation invites you to make a journey through Finding Your Ground; Seeing With New Eyes; and Going Forward. But as always, please use the questions and guidance included in Free The Change tools in whatever way works best for your group/context.


We'll be adding to these conversation starters throughout 2018, but if there's a general change-maker topic you think we could add here, please get in touch with your ideas and suggested questions for groups.


How Change happens

How does change happen? What have our own experiences of social change been like. And what is at stake for us and others when significant change occurs?

This conversation starter is a powerful grounding for Free the Change groups. Download now.


Gender and power

How does gender norming and discrimination effect our citizenship

Change at work

How does work support or hinder our hopes for progressive social change?

Faith in action

How do faith and spirituality influence or support movements for a fairer world?

Power in community

How can the communities around us do more to advance the common good?

The value of money

What role does money play in your life, institutions and social movements?

Democracy and me

What is your experience of democracy in action where you live, work or play?