Facebook interactions - some helpful ground rules

1. Please JOIN IN by posting your stories, comments and replies, focussed on the question at hand. If you haven't already done so please introduce yourself to the group. Who are you? What brings you here?
2. To ensure you're able to HEAR the conversation - not just speak (i.e. follow other participant’s comments) click the three dots at the top right of EACH new Facebook post and select “Turn on notifications for this post”.
3. Let’s share our own experience as honestly as possible - grounding our perspectives in our own lived experience rather than lots of abstract opinions. We don’t need to have all the answers, or speak for the whole world. (It’s more inviting if we don’t)
4. Let’s RESPOND to other people’s stories and comments actively and generously - so people really feel heard.
5. Let’s offer open-hearted questions or affirmations about people’s contributions, perhaps before we add our own story on top. Let’s celebrate each other’s efforts and openness.
5. Let’s keep our contributions to the length of a few sentences if possible - not lots more.
6. Let’s disagree generously. If we feel someone is expressing a hurtful opinion, let’s try and say how it makes us feel without turning to anger.
7. PLEASE “Like” and share what you most appreciate with your friends - and invite them to join the conversation if you think they’ll enjoy making a contribution.