Feedback Tools

The Free The Change network is fed and nurtured by people like you sharing bite-size stories about what's working, and how Free The Change is making a difference - to you, your group or the world.

Got 10 minutes to give something back? This page includes: Contact us | Generating stories as a group | Story/blog post template (online form or to download) | On Facebook | Visual feedback + Instagram

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As well as the methods below you can simply drop us a line to tell us how you're getting on, or to ask any questions. Contact us now.


Use any of the tools on the Track Your Journeys page to stimulate conversation as a group about how you are experiencing / learning / impacting / evolving as Change-makers, via the Free The Change model (or your variations on it).


Got 10 minutes to give something back? Use the following form to write and share a bitesize blog post about:

  • A social change action or experiment you tried because of Free The Change - and what positive learning or impact it had.
  • A change in you, as a Change-maker, brought about by Free the Change-style meet-ups.
  • Any Free The Change resources you found especially helpful, why, and how you used them - or any adaptations you found useful.
  • Any other positive Free The Change group or network experience or learning.

Alternatively you can DOWNLOAD the template to work offline or in a group here: Microsoft Word (write/edit in doc) or PDF.


Share snippets of what's going on for your group quickly and easily via Facebook (text, pics, video), and share it easily with your own friends. Try to focus on what's helpful / working / worth celebrating. Join the Free the Change Facebook group here.


Do you prefer or want to have a go at feeding back more creatively? Photograph your group in action, or share a drawing or something else you've made. Then tell us what it's about in a couple of sentences (if you can). Just email stuff over to Here's an example from the marvellous Geoffrey Baines who blogs more generally at Thin Silence...



Why not start a photo journal about your current Change-maker journey, using Instragram. Take / share a picture, write a simple caption telling people what you're learning / celebrating, tag it with freethechange (so we can re-post it to the network), and Bob's your uncle.

Get started: if you're not on Instagram, download the free app to your mobile device (phone or tablet) from Apple's App Store or Google Play.