Free The Change gives ordinary people a free & simple framework to kickstart powerful conversations about what truly matters to you, your community, Scotland and the world… and to connect it with the real opportunities you have to make a difference - starting where you really are.

We regularly hold free taster sessions for prospective Free The Change meet-up/group initiators (and friends) to find out more about the framework and how to get going. If you're interested in taking part in one, please click the link below.

There's no requirement to attend a taster session before you start a group - indeed our tools include a template for you to run your own taster session wherever you live, work or play. But if you feel you'd benefit from experiencing the Free The Change concept before you offer it to others, this could be for you.

Please note: our taster sessions last 3 hours, and are free - but participants are typically expected to cover their own travel costs.