So. You care about (or are already creating) the fairer, more sustainable world we all want to be a part of.

Perhaps the environment is your passion, or people living on the margins of society. You want an end to the refugee crisis, or better playgrounds where you live. But you're not sure what role to play. You feel overwhelmed, or stuck. Or you just need more "everyday encouragement" as you continue what you've already started.


- Think hearts, minds and hands

- Friendship, refreshment and honesty

- Your change challenges shared & halved

- And practical tools to create more of the common good, wherever you orbit...

ALL with your real life at the centre.

Free The Change is comprised of a simple, adaptable framework, resources and a supportive network - to unlock powerful conversations and lasting social change.

You don’t need specialist knowledge. Just a desire to gather in a small group with other "change-makers" where you live, work or play... and talk (or walk) together.

The aim? To explore what truly matters to you, your community, Scotland and the world... and connect it with the real chances you have to make a difference.

Goodbye overwhelm. Hello new world.

And more fulfilment on your journey towards it.

How We Gather.jpeg
How We Gather.jpeg

"I didn't think I had time to look after the change-maker IN ME OR OTHERS - UNtil I realised how much depended on it." SASHA, 43

What other people say


“I love being part of such a positive vehicle for change” MARIA, 24

“I value the connections, witnessing progress towards shared dreams, the community of practice, accountability and radical care.” JESS, 62

“I don’t like conventional "activism" so I tend to avoid it. But this I’m really excited about.” JOSEPH, 38


Praise for our work:

“Truly empowering” THE SCOTSMAN

 “It breaks down the barriers that separate us” THE HERALD

“Fresh, sobering, positive”  THE SKINNY

“An exemplar in participation” CREATIVE SCOTLAND


“We’re not born with courage. But to be kind, true, generous or honest with any consistency we must find it.”


To live now as we think human beings should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is a marvellous victory.”



Get Started

Free The Change groups meet in person (someone’s home, a community space, out in nature) or online via video chat.

The simplest way to start is to initiate a group. You don’t need any expertise. Just follow our easy Guide (including help inviting others, considering diversity and using video chat)...  gather a few people... and break the rules as you find out what works for you!

A helpful model for many groups starts with a taster session, followed by an initial block of 5 x monthly meet-ups - giving you a real chance to dive deep. But there’s no set programme. Our guidelines are light-touch and completely adaptable to suit you.

When your group is ready for extra input around common change challenges, you can browse our Supporting Tools section and use any of the simple resources there which speak to your needs.

Not in an initiating mood? No problem. Click the link below to find out if there’s a group near you that's welcoming new members.

Who’s it really for?

Old and young - 1.jpg

Free The Change is designed to be completely inclusive to anyone who wants to help create a fairer, more sustainable world, society or community - whatever their level of experience. Think friends, colleagues, elders, teachers, teenagers, neighbours, artists, faith groups… You and 4-8 others who see themselves as part of the world’s problems and its solutions.


What is a "change-maker"?

For us, you’re already a "change-maker" if you are anywhere along this four stage journey:

  1. I take some responsibility for how things are in my world
  2. I believe they can be better, fairer, safer, kinder
  3. I take action to try and make a positive difference
  4. I reflect on my action to understand more about the impact I want to make, or am already making.



Safe and inclusive.

We know that emotional and professional boundaries help us step into important conversations. We’ve designed Free The Change to enable that. More information.

Collectively, you've also told us you want to be alongside people who aren’t all the same as you. You recognise that real transformation is often strengthened by diversity. Free The Change can help you widen the invitation to start that way.  More information.

Ready to begin? Let's go.