7. Political rights and opportunities

Your local political representatives work for you - on everything from local to international issues. You may need to create or watch for a "change in the political weather" before they'll support your cause, or they may be willing and able to help from the outset. Some politicians might champion your cause to help you change the weather. You may not need them at all (to create community, corporate, personal or cultural change). Find out first. If you do decide to approach a politician, make sure you choose the right one (MP, MSP or councillor). They have different powers to effect different kinds of issue. Then make sure you relate your issue to the things that they care about. (They Work For You - below - can help you find out what they do care about). The tools below will help you get started.

   Who does what. A quick guide to the differences between how your MP, MSP and councillors could help you.

They Work For You. Stay informed about what your representatives are doing in your name (however it suits you).

   Write to them. A super handy website making it easy to find and contact your representatives by email.

Our human rights. A basic overview of how a "rights-based approach" can help your cause, and which apply in the UK.