Free The Change - Starting Individually

If you’re reading this it’s because you care about the world around you and want to play your part in making it even better. You want to turn good intentions into concrete action, or make concrete action more effective, fulfilling and sustainable.

Free The Change encourages people to come together to explore these issues - with friends, colleagues, neighbours etc. In our experience - wherever you are on your change-maker journey - being alongside other people is often more sustaining and powerful - even (and often especially) when you care about different things. Our tools try to make that as easy as possible, and remove any pressure "to know what you're doing".

BUT - if for any reason you need to take your next step individually this page offers a roadmap we hope you will find useful. It includes opportunities to connect with others along the way.


Free The Change - individual tools

1 FIND YOUR heart


Finding your heart for social change is about beginning where you really are. We call this "going nuclear", because it leads to more powerful and sustainable change-making. As a starter-for-ten, try not to focus on problems “out there”. Attempt to leverage change through the systems, relationships and passions you’re personally linked to. Check out: Moments I Felt Alive, My Change-maker stories, The Happy Tree, Inspiration tools...



The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any. Alice Walker  -- What beliefs and assumptions stop you taking action that would help create a better world? How much do you really know about the issues you care about? Portion some time each week to reflect and learn in ways that challenge you. See: Motivation vs Education, The Iceberg, Positive News.




Whatever you can do or dream you can do begin it. Boldness has magic in it. Goethe  -At the end of the day social change occurs through our actions - our speaking out, creating or resisting. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a concrete step. Check out our Introduction to Action, especially Prototyping: Starting Small.


[Act] as if you are already living in the early days of a better nation Scottish Parliament engraving


Don't wait for the world to be perfect. Make the good life visible now. You could start by co-hosting a Free The Change meet-up in your home, church or community; by growing something in a public space; by getting involved with a voluntary group near you; or asking the question which unleashes someone's humanity. Looking for inspiration? Check out/buy the 365 Ways book.

When it comes to creating the change you want to see in the world, does this clip from remind you of your own life at all - or your view of power?