We share with millions of fellow scots a hopeful vision: of a healthier planet, fairer societies and the creative and political fulfilment of all - inclusive of age, gender, race, religion, sexuality and nationality.

But the world is changing fast. Dangerous inequality, political extremes, technological revolution and environmental crises are just some of things crying out for all of us to "show up, think and do" in new, exciting and more courageous ways.

This presents powerful opportunities to make more of a difference in the every-day... In our families, communities, workplaces and beyond. And ultimately - to live more fulfilled lives.

    Free The Change is a bold but simple invitation to help you start or join a small “change-maker” support group where you live, work or play. It’s also a network linking similar groups across Scotland for wider connection, inspiration and skill-sharing. It is curated by Simon Bateson, Founder/Creative Director of Take One Action - in response to thousands of conversations we've been part of over the last decade. Conversations about what helps turn both well-meaning concern and mis-spent energy into sustainable, system-changing lives: lived for the common good.

    Key features of Free The Change groups

    • Inclusive: supporting socially-concerned citizens to be sustainable change-makers, whatever their issue, background or cause.
    • Regular: checking in routinely, with a commitment to the group.
    • Peer-led: group members co-host each other. Participation doesn’t require any specialist knowledge, money or commitment to any organisation.
    • Simple: a straightforward and highly adaptable framework for your group’s specific needs and context.
    • Real: our real lives at the centre of the conversation.
    I love the connections, witnessing progress towards shared dreams, the community of practice, accountability and radical care.
    — Jess, 62